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Authorities Prepare For The Worst as Thousands Head to Murree After Snowfall

The ever-popular Murree hill station snowfall has attracted thousands of tourists from Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and other regions. The town is alive with the sounds of blissful laughs and cheers as long lines of cars, vans, and buses are headed to the region’s top tourist attraction.

However, the major influx of tourists also comes with concerns about traffic and accommodation management. A media report adds that the local administration has emergency measures in place during the three-day snowstorm. Given Murree’s parking shortage, the authorities have allowed only 8,000 vehicles to enter Murree.

Based on the meteorological forecast, Rescue 1122 Secretary Dr. Rizwan Naseer has declared “code red” in Murree. He added that snowfall rescue equipment has been readied at the hill station.

Naseer added that Murree’s emergency operational preparations include emergency vehicles, rescue motorbikes, and rescue personnel at risky locations. Rescue 1122 has deployed 13 ambulances, eight fire trucks, 20 rescue motorbikes, searchlights, snow shovels, oxygen cylinders, and other equipment.

Authorities have also discouraged unnecessary travel in bad weather. The Punjab Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has advised tourists to wear long, warm clothes to avoid colds and flu. Drivers have been advised to stop occasionally and not use heaters for more than 10 minutes at a time.

PDMA advisory has ordered the authorities to remain vigilant and guide commuters to avoid loss of life and property. RPO Rawalpindi Nasir Muhammad Sati has promised tourists full assistance and traffic flow. Satti added:

The force deployed at the entry points of Murree will allow the entry of fully fitted vehicles. The DPO will stay in Murree and personally supervise all arrangements. Tourists can seek assistance from Murree control room number or helpline 15. Murree police are performing duty 24 hours to help tourists. Tourists coming to Murree are requested to follow the instructions of the police to make their journey safe.