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Dubai Taxi Fares Drop Below AED 2 Per KM As Fuel Prices Decrease in UAE

Dubai has announced a reduction in taxi fares with immediate effect, following a drop in fuel prices in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The minimum fare in the city is now 22 fils lower, with the cost per km dropping from AED 2.19 to AED 1.97.

As reported by Khaleej Times, Adel Shakri, Director of Planning and Business Development of Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), stated that the decrease is in response to the recent reduction in fuel prices and is part of an effort to remain transparent with customers. This change will apply to all types of taxis, including limousines.

The UAE substantially reduced retail fuel prices for January 2023, with Super 98 costing 15.7% less at AED 2.78 per liter, Super 95 costing 16% lower at AED 2.67 per liter, and E-Plus costing 16.7% less at AED 2.59 per liter, resulting in second reduction in Dubai’s taxi fares in the last 4 months.

Other cities in the UAE, such as Sharjah and Ajman, have also recently announced reductions in their minimum taxi fares due to the same reason.

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