Major Housing Society Caught Illegally Building Over Soan River Land

A private housing association has been accused of illegally constructing on the Soan River land.

Citing official documents from the Capital Development Authority (CDA), Dawn stated in a report that a major housing company has constructed high-rise commercial buildings illegally in the said space. The report does not name the association.

According to the authorized layout plan, the area where the plazas were being built was designated for a park and was the Soan River’s right-of-way.

Citing its own sources, the report added that the Planning Wing recently penned a letter requesting action to halt unapproved building construction out of concern for urban flooding, “, especially in the context of flooding in E-11 in 2021 and floods in tourist sites Bahrain and Kalam last year.”

In compliance with the Islamabad High Court (IHC) directive, a team of CDA visited the society earlier this month and pointed out twenty constructed commercial buildings and approximately five commercial buildings under construction on the land.

These projects are in violation of the layout plan of the said society approved by CDA in 2010. Additionally, the aforementioned society has been served with a notice.

Possible Coercion Involved?

Despite the fact that the letters were issued on January 5 and no action was taken, there are reports that the CDA has been under pressure not to take action against the aforementioned society. The report adds that indirect action may be taken against officials who pointed out the violations, a source alleged.

Syed Asif Raza, a spokesman for the CDA, told the scribe that notices have been served and the civic authority has given notices to a number of societies, including the one in question.

Raza dismissed the reports of officials being used as scapegoats, stating:

There is no truth in such reports. Those who are doing the right job are our assets. Secondly, we treat all societies equally; all violators are violators.

  • Why no name of the encroaching society/ people involved? Looks very big fish ? Politics?

  • This is probably the building that is being constructed in DHA 1. Ab dha ka naam kon lyega bhaala.. i am already sorry for my comment.

  • Where was CDA by the way when 20 buildings were being made. Now years after the hue and cry is ridiculous

  • The said plots were constructed opposite to mini golf club in bahria town. First bahria had a zoo installed on the bank of Soan river, then they shifted that zoo to phase 7 and constructed plots here and aokd them as commercial. Let’s see if CDA can do something about it. Now Dha 1 is also building roads behind Soan bus terminal.

  • Wah g wah jab private housing societies nay Rawalpindi ka gang rape kar diya you RDA ko husharian aa gai..

  • دریائے سواں کی قیمتی اور ھزاروں ایکڑ زمین کو جو دریا کی گُزرگاہ ہے اور اسلام آباد ھائی وے سے لیکر ڈی ایچ اے ۱ بحریہ ٹاون فیز ۷ اور ۸ سے میلوں آگے تک ۲۰ کروڑ فی کنال کمرشل ہلاٹس بنا کر بیچ دیا گیا اور یہ کام بیس سالوں سے ھو رہا ھے اس میں کون کون شریک ھے ۔۔۔۔ سب جانتے ہیں لیکن شائد اسی لوٹ مار کو دو قومی نظریہ سمجھا گیا اس ملک کو ٹکڑوں میں بیچنے اور پھر یہ دولت امریکہ آسٹریلیا دُبئی اور لنڈن منتقل کر دینا اور ہاں غریب آٹے سے بھی مجبور ہے۔

    • یہی اس قوم کا المیہ ہے۔ مافیا کا راج اور لوٹ گھسوٹ اور غریب عوام آٹے اور دو وقت کی روٹی کیلئے ہلکان ہے۔

  • I don’t know the particular place. But my friend is constructing his house in Soan Garden and in front of his house in Soan river Mafia digging the river and bringing the Illegal mining is going on and they are taking gravel from the river and digging big pits and selling it. But no one is going to ask. While in front, another town has also built a protection wall through illegal occupation of the river area. Is CDA unaware of this? It will be a crime if action is not taken against these occupation mafias to avoid any future accidents.

  • All violators are violators?

    If so, please look into DHA Islamabad’s illegal amendments of its initial master plan submitted to CDA whereby land alloted for parks and school for special children are being repurposed as commercial and residential plots for 1-3 star Generals. Will CDA take action against DHA?

  • Why is the author scared of mentioning the society name…for reference its non other than bahria town where good numbers of building constructed and occupied by leading food chains…the funny part is all the authorities alongwith highly corrupt high court and supreme have there eyes closed and waiting for major disaster to happen…shame on as pakistanis

  • The most influential & land grabbers whether officially or unofficially all over Pakistan is one & only the most probably rather authentic
    Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Society & naturally who will (serving in CDA & write it’s name but PUBLIC HAY YEH SAB JANTEE HAY PUBLIC HAY 2022-23)

  • Naam bhi likh dia krein ta k buyers ko aasani ho woh koi bewaqofi na karein. Waisay to bahria town RwP ma ye kaam kai saalon se ho raha ha ab wo river ya naala kon sa guzr raha wahan se pata nahi. Mini golf club k samanay wali side and now opposite Mc doonald phase 7… few years back there was nothing now Viola… Plazas and Plazas…

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