UAE to Transform School Education by Recruiting and Training New Teachers

Schools in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have launched an initiative under which they will recruit and train fresh Emirati graduates to transform them into full fledge teachers in a bid to promote teaching as a preferred profession among Emiratis and meet Emiratization targets.

Taleem, one of UAE’s biggest education groups, will debut this program in September to train Emiratis and make them capable to work as teachers.

In addition, another education group, Gems, will hire and train more Emirati graduates in accordance with Emiratization targets. Emiratization is the UAE government’s initiative, requiring companies with over 50 workers to hire 2% Emiratis in their workforce and gradually increase this number to 10% by 2026.

Talat Goldie, HR Director at Taaleem, confirmed that the project to train new teachers will commence in the new academic year, starting in September. She also said that even high school and college graduates can be recruited as learning assistants, who might stay in the teaching profession long term.

Talat also remarked that under a 3-5 year plan, they can be turned into competent teachers, with prospects of becoming vice principals and principals at schools, in the future. Taleem’s eventual goal, she said, is to have an Emirati principal.

She further stated that Taleem will explore Northern Emirates for undiscovered Emirati talent, particularly fresh graduates from high schools in Ajman, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah.

Via the National News