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Fujairah Announces Huge Fines for Pedestrians and Drivers Who Don’t Follow Rules

The Fujairah Police Department has launched a campaign titled “I have the right to cross safely” in order to increase safety on the roads and decrease hit-and-run accidents.

This month-long initiative aligns with the objectives of the Ministry of Interior and aims to educate the community on traffic safety and pedestrian rights, particularly for vulnerable groups such as children, elderly residents, women, and individuals with disabilities.

The campaign includes increased patrols to enforce traffic laws, educational messages on social media and via text, and presentations on pedestrian safety.

Colonel Saleh Muhammad Abdullah Al-Dhanhani, Director of the Traffic and Patrols Department, emphasized the significance of fostering cooperation between drivers and pedestrians in order to decrease the frequency of accidents caused by excessive speed, reckless driving, and driver or pedestrian distraction.

He urged drivers to exercise caution and obey posted speed limits, particularly in densely populated areas such as residential neighborhoods, markets, and areas near schools.

Pedestrians who fail to follow traffic signals or cross at unauthorized locations will be fined Dh400, while drivers who do not give priority to pedestrians at designated crosswalks will be fined Dh500 and receive 6 penalty points on their driving record.

First Lieutenant Moza Abdulsalam Al Darmaki, Director of the Traffic Awareness and Information Branch, emphasized the need for drivers to comply with traffic laws and regulations to prevent accidents resulting in loss of life and property.

Via: Khaleej Times