Barcelona Legend Dani Alves Arrested After Allegedly Sexually Assaulting a Woman

Renowned Brazilian footballer, Dani Alves, will be in custody without bail after the police arrested him on suspicion of sexually assaulting a woman.

Alves, one of the most successful footballers, was summoned to a police station in Barcelona on Friday and questioned before sending him to court.

As per the court statement, a judge in Barcelona court questioned the 39-year-old footballer about events that allegedly occurred at a nightclub. It was reported that the judge took the action, which was requested by public prosecutors because it believed Dani Alves would attempt to flee.

Catalan police said earlier this month that they received a complaint on January 2 from a woman who claimed Alves had inappropriately touched her.

The incident occurred overnight December 30-31 at a popular Barcelona nightclub when the star footballer sexually assaulted a woman while dancing. The victim had informed the security staff at the time, who activated Barcelona city council’s protocol against assaults and sexual harassment.

Days later after the incident, the footballer stated in an interview that he went to a nightclub in Barcelona but did nothing wrong with the woman.

“I was there, at that place, with more people having fun. Everybody knows I love to dance. Having a good time but without invading the space of others,” former PSG player said.

Joana Sanz, Alves’ wife stated, “He went out to dance and try to enjoy music as likes, period. Nothing wrong happened. I know how respectful he is.”