Dubai Residents No Longer Need Visa Stamping

Dubai residents have confirmed that United Arab Emirates (UAE) residence visas will no longer require stamping when they are renewed or issued. The visa will be synced to the traveler’s Emirates ID, eliminating the need for a passport with a visa sticker displaying residency and validity.

The Federal Authority for Identify, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP) announced in May 2022 that they would be integrating the two separate applications, one for Emirates ID issuance and the other for renewal of visas, for UAE residents.

These changes were implemented in other emirates from 16 May 2022, but not in Dubai. Also, airlines will be able to verify an individual’s UAE residency using their Emirates ID and passport number, with a passport reader for verification.

Prior to these changes, travelers needed to submit their passports for stamping while applying for a new residence visa or visa renewal.

The ICP also noted that people can view their Emirates ID on the official ICP website or the UAEICP smart app. The new generation of Emirates ID cards issued to UAE residents will include all the same details as the residency sticker, including personal and professional data, readable and non-readable data, and details of the issuer.

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