Pakistan at Risk: WHO Calls for Urgent Action Against Trans Fat

As reported by the World Health Organization (WHO), industrially manufactured trans fat is a serious risk to Pakistanis.

Trans fatty acids, according to the WHO, are responsible for around 500,000 premature deaths from heart disease annually.

Trans fat from industrial sources is commonly found in packaged meals, baked products, cooking oils, and condiments.

Australia, Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Egypt, Ecuador, Iran, South Korea, Pakistan, and Nepal were among the nine countries with the greatest proportion of coronary heart disease fatalities related to trans fat consumption.

To resolve this concern, the WHO has urged governments to take immediate action and put best-practice regulations in place.

Despite the fact that 43 countries with an overall population of 2.8 billion have previously implemented these measures, the vast majority remain vulnerable.

The WHO has requested $2.54 billion in funding to assist millions of people suffering health emergencies throughout the world in 2023.