Heartbroken Fangirls React to Shadab Khan’s Nikkah

Pakistan’s star all-rounder Shadab Khan tied the knot with former cricketer Saqlain Mushtaq’s daughter in a private ceremony. While many congratulated him on starting a new chapter of his life, some of his fangirls were taken aback by the news.

As the star player possesses a wide fanbase, the news of his marriage has broken many hearts. Here are a few reactions from Shadab’s fangirls upon the announcement of his Nikkah.

The news seemed to hit hard on the hearts of the fangirls who expressed shock and disbelief, while many hoped it to be a ‘prank’.

Some fans even mentioned the viral fangirl from New Zealand who had recently proposed Shadab Khan.

A fangirl seemed to be in denial of the fact that Shadab Khan has married Saqlain Mushtaq’s daughter as she retweeted his tweet claiming to be his wife.

After denial, there was anger.

Some even blamed Shadab’s Nikkah for causing a major power cut in the country, as they expressed their displeasure over the news.

And finally, it saw a sad and heartbroken acceptance.

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