Private Schools Ordered to Give Pick and Drop to Students

Lahore district’s civil administration has decided to go after private educational institutes for not providing basic facilities to students despite collecting exorbitant fees.

According to details, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Lahore, Muhammad Ali, has ordered private schools in the city to arrange buses for the pick and drop of the students.

DC Lahore has warned to impose heavy fines on private schools that will fail to comply with these directives. He has issued show cause notices to owners of 10 private schools.

The DC has ordered the private schools to arrange transport buses within 30 days. Otherwise, they will face a fine of Rs. 20,000 per day till the arrangement of transport service.

The decision has been taken on the advice of the Water and Environmental Commission as part of an anti-smog campaign.

Transport service is essential for students as it provides a reliable and safe mode of getting to and from schools. It also allows students to participate in extracurricular activities, regardless of their location. It helps to reduce absenteeism and dropout rates and promotes social and economic mobility for students from all backgrounds.

  • Are we really talking about Pakistan ?
    Not possible in million years. This private schools mafia is way stronger then any other sector. The DC should think twice what exactly he has just ordered ?

  • Need of the hour. It should be implemented on emergent basis. That would save our environment from pollution and roads from congestion.

  • Sir yah bhot acha step ha .city school ko b include kryn but now school charged heavy amount for buses on mo they these buses r free?

  • Will it be free or the sum will be added to the fee.
    Will they drop at the door step or on the road,
    Will the child safely reach home or will be hurt

  • Folk! Get ready for new financial injection from private school. Now they will charge heavy fare for this service as soon as they start.

  • People in Pakistan are soo laid back, they will pay the extra fee of the bus and still send thier children in chauffer driven cars.

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