Antarctic Loses London-Sized Iceberg But Its Got Nothing to Do With Climate Change

An iceberg with an area of around 600 square miles, or about the size of Greater London, tore off the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica on Sunday, as reported by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

Despite the fact that huge breaches in the arctic ice were discovered a decade earlier, this marks the second big break in the previous two years.

The BAS Halley Research Station on the ice sheet is said to be safe. As per the researchers, this occurrence was predicted and was not caused by climate change. According to Professor Dominic Hodgson, a glaciologist at the BAS, this calving event was predicted and is characteristic of the Brunt Ice Shelf’s normal nature. It has nothing to do with climate change. 

The calving event corresponds with the record-low extent of sea ice in Antarctica during the warmer months, which experts ascribe to a combination of warm surface temperatures and high winds.