Radio Pakistan Continues to Flourish Amid Baseless Allegations

Radio Pakistan has been progressing expeditiously in multiple domains for the enhancement of the efficiency and effectiveness of its broadcasts as well as the well-being of human resources.

The activities to revamp the state broadcaster are being pursued vigorously in the form of the upgradation of infrastructure, including studios, adoption of the latest technology, the launch of new FM channels, diversification of content, and revenue generation.

Under this robust reform agenda, new state-of-the-art podcast studios have been established in Islamabad and Lahore, which have become operational. With the launch of Sports and Planet FM-87.6 channels, specialized content is being aired for two important segments of society. On the same lines, new Tech and Environment channels are also being established in Islamabad.

In addition, the incumbent administration is fully focused to improve the financial health of the organization with the approach to address the long-standing issue of budget deficit on a permanent basis. The variety of projects being undertaken under the platform of the Pakistan Broadcasting Foundation would generate revenue.

Alongside implementing these mid-term and long-term initiatives, strenuous efforts are underway to resolve the issue of shortage of funds to ensure timely payment of the staff and artists besides meeting other expenditures.

Under the comprehensive plan of digitization of the organization, the project of installing a digital transmitter is being pursued. In addition, the productions are also being digitized.

Having full realization of the importance of social media in the current modern age, the administration is fully focused to introduce technology and modern trends in the Social Media section.

On the other side, it is highly regrettable that some elements, having vested interests, feel threatened in the wake of new initiatives. They even resort to leveling baseless, frivolous, and slanderous allegations against the people engaged in constructive and reformative activities. However, the administration is fully aware of the ill intentions of these elements and it reserves the right to move on with legal proceedings against them.