Parents Given Massive Amount of Money For Child’s Death in Abu Dhabi

A family in Abu Dhabi has been awarded compensation after their child died due to medical negligence. The Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation ruled that the hospital and two doctors must pay the family AED 300,000.

The parents had filed a lawsuit against the hospital, asking for AED 15 million in compensation for their son’s death. They claimed that the doctors were careless and didn’t take proper measures to treat him, leading to his death.

A medical committee confirmed that there was an error in the child’s treatment. Initially, the Al Ain Court of First Instance ordered the hospital and doctors to pay AED 90,000 to the parents, but this amount was increased to AED 300,000 by the appeals court.

The hospital and doctors have also been ordered to pay the family’s legal expenses.

Earlier, Abu Dhabi Appeals Court ordered a company to pay AED 150,000 to a worker who lost his arm in a meat grinder accident at his workplace.

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