Punjab’s Law Officers Enjoying Salaries of Up to Rs. 600K Despite Over-staffing

According to a report by 24News, legal officers at the Punjab Advocate General’s office receive substantial salaries, ranging from Rs 0.5 to 0.6 million per month. The report states that while the high court has 41 judges, the Advocate General’s office has a sanctioned strength of 98 law officers. However, due to a stay order issued by the Lahore High Court, the number of these officers has increased to 150.

The report also states that lawyers serving as law officers at the Advocate General’s office receive salaries ranging from Rs 5 to 6 lac per month. Former Chief Minister Parvez Elahi is said to have boosted the sanctioned number of law officers even further.

As a result of the stay order, 150 law officials will now serve as amici curiae for 41 judges on the High Court. After the Lahore high court (LHC) granted the stay order, 98 law officers were reinstated, while two law officers chose not to seek restoration at the province’s highest court.

However, the Advocate General’s office is facing a shortage of space and staff to handle the overwhelming number of law officers. As a result, three law enforcement officials are sitting in each room.

Via 24News