South Asian Women Are The Biggest Victims of Human Trafficking: UN

According to recent UN research, women continue to make up the lion’s share of human trafficking victims in South Asia. However, the study reveals that more men were found as trafficking victims in the region in 2020 than in earlier years.

The UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) study also revealed a decrease in trafficking, notwithstanding the fact that disasters and pandemics have increased communities’ vulnerability to trafficking.

Globally, the proportion of victims reduced by 11% in 2020 versus the previous year, while the number of trafficking convictions plummeted by 27%. Based on the report, both men and women were trafficked in South Asia for forced labor and sex trafficking, and to a lesser extent, for forced marriage.

As per the report, South Asian countries have had a high number of trafficking victims since 2017, with some minor decreases detected.

The report also criticized a lack of criminal justice responsiveness for enabling traffickers to operate from the region on a national and global scale.