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Hyderabad Police Cracks Down on Cars With Police Lights

Sindh High Court (SHC) has instructed authorities to crack down on private cars that use patrol car flashers, sirens, hooters, tinted windows, and fancy number plates in Hyderabad. The department initiated this drive on Monday on the directives of Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Peer Muhammad Shah.

A police spokesperson told the media that, during the day-long operation across the city, authorities took action against a vast number of cars and collected almost Rs. 300,000 in fines.

He said that the authorities are collaborating to curtail such offenses. The spokesperson added that special teams have been deployed at the city’s entrances and exits for checking purposes.

The use of emergency vehicle flashers and horns is illegal for private cars, the spokesperson said. He added that the police are planning a crackdown against shops that sell these items.

Last week, the DIG held a meeting with SSP Amjad Ahmed Shaikh and other police officers in which he instructed them to take action against traders and private vehicles with the aforementioned accessories.

  • How funny is look when police fine few hundreds to a multi million rupee car owner and expect he will not do violation again. Increase the fine to 10x and see the magic.

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