Ajman Raises Taxi Fares After Fuel Price Increase Across UAE

Following the increase in UAE’s fuel prices, it was expected that transport and freight prices would rise as well. Resultantly, Ajman Transport, the city’s transportation authority, has announced an increase in taxi fares.

According to the authority, the taxi fare has been raised from AED 1.78 to AED 1.83 per kilometer, a 5-fil rise.

It is expected that the other transportation authorities in UAE will also announce a hike soon because fuel prices have climbed by up to 10%. Below is the table showing the price increase compared to January:

Fuel Type Price Per Liter in January Price Per Liter in February Increase
Super 98 AED 2.78 AED 3.05 9.71%
Special 95 AED 2.67 AED 2.93 9.74%
Diesel AED 3.29 AED 3.38 2.74%
E-plus 91 AED 2.59 AED 2.86 10.42%

UAE’s fuel prices were deregulated in 2015, allowing them to be determined by the market. However, after the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, the Fuel Price Committee regulated them again, only to de-regulate them once more in March 2021.

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