Lahore High Court Stops LDA From Making Multiple Road Projects At The Same Time

The Lahore High Court (LHC), on Friday, issued an order prohibiting the Lahore Construction Authority (LDA) from carrying out parallel development projects on important city roadways.

During a hearing on an unlawful building case, Justice Shahid Karim ordered the LDA to cover nine major highways with greenery and rooftop gardening and to engage the finest environmental specialists to combat the city’s heatwave.

Aamir Ahmad Khan, the Director General (DG) of the LDA, appeared in court and provided findings on the environmental and unlawful structures. After completing the existing project, Justice Karim instructed the LDA to begin a new one and to plan for climate change to prevent heat waves.

The DG advised the court that the LDA is taking initiatives to enhance the city’s environment, including improving the major boulevards in Allama Iqbal Town and Johar Town. He also committed to planting five trees for every one cut during development projects.

The court commended Aamir Ahmad Khan’s efforts and called the MD of Lahore Parking Company for the subsequent hearing, directing associated institutions to fully support the LDA.

  • Kindly first make T turn into u turn to avoid traffic accident on wahdat Road and other busy roads

  • Good going don’t worry dear Officer IMF is behind you public is eagerly demanding such things from Govt/you being in charge of a Govt Deptt

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