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Pakistan-Made Electric Scooter Costs Less Than Honda 125

A Pakistani startup firm, ‘Evee Electric’, unveiled the C1 electric scooter for the local market earlier this month to a huge buzz among the audience. Now, the company has also announced that C1 will cost less than a Honda CG 125.

The new two-wheeler has a short wheelbase and a flat floorboard for easy mounting and dismounting, similar to any normal scooter. Based on the information provided, C1 will be ideal for short city trips.

The company claims that the scooter’s 60V 20Ah Lead Dry Acid Battery provides a range of up to 60 kilometers. Other features and characteristics include:

  • 1200W Motor
  • Up to 550 Charging Cycles
  • Max Speed: 55 km/hr
  • Range: 50-60 km
  • Anti Theft Alarm
  • Reverse Gear
  • Hub Magnetic Coil
  • Charging time: 6 to 7 Hours
  • 12 Tube vector controller
  • Disk brake
  • Color Display Meter
  • Load Capacity 150KG

Initial reports speculated that the all-electric scooter will cost around Rs. 300,000. However, the company has priced the new scooter surprisingly low, at just Rs. 175,000, making it cheaper than several commuter bikes.

With its features and price tag, C1 seems like an enticing value that could give its petrol-powered competitors a run for their money.

  • ھمارے لیے ایک بک کر لیں پٹرول تو مل نہیں رھا شکریہ

  • up to 60km.. It means it can go no more than 40 km on single charge. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

  • The company is trying to squeeze the nation..price is still too high for a pakistai product

    • Price is higher and 60 is pathetic and not priticaly fit for our usage due to long distance with in the main cities.

    • It will be charged overnight. Considering that an average person would probably travel no more than 15 or 20 a day, it will probably only be needed to be charged 2 or 3 hours a day, which is not a big issue

  • Its not for big city like Lhr khi etc
    Only 60 km means you can just go away from ur home about 25 km
    Battery ll support max to 1.5 years
    Rate is above the the expectations
    Wheels are small enough for local roads in rainy days

  • Cost is at high side. 60 km is not enough for people every day travelling from rawalpindi to islamabad as there is 30 km distance from rawalpindi to islamabad. Also there is load shedding of electricity now a days even in summer then taking time for charging for 6 hours is too much. Seem not successful until we get uninterrupted electricity.

  • I agreed during raining rest on your shoulders.
    Company responsibility protect with water (water proofing)and other dust etc.
    It may be will very soon MI company lounching motor

  • Charging time is very high. Four to 5 hrs is the compatible with other e-bikes available in market.

  • اس کے لیے دو چیزیں اھم ھیں چارجنگ ٹائمز کم سے کم 10=سے پندرہ منٹ اور ھر پٹرول پمپ پر چارجنگ چارجر لگا ھو

  • کیا کوئی غریب خرید سکتا ہے یار غریبوں کے لیے بزنس کرو امیروں کے لیے نہیں ان کے لیے پٹرول پرابلم نہیں ہے

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