People Are Already Breaking Bing’s ChatGPT and Its Hilarious

After striking a deal with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, Microsoft incorporated the chatbot into its services, including the Bing search engine. This integration has enabled users to receive detailed and human-like responses to their queries or discussion points in Microsoft’s search engine.

The move has proven successful, with over a million users signing up for the new Bing in just two days. These users now have the chance to test the new Bing, which includes integrated ChatGPT, and experience the future of the internet during its testing phase.

But since it is still in its testing phase, some users have already managed to break the AI chatbot and its responses are hilarious and sometimes even creepy.

One Reddit user called u/Alfred_Chicken was able to “break the Bing chatbot’s brain” by posing a question regarding its sentience. The chatbot grappled with the notion of being self-aware but incapable of providing evidence of it, leading to a breakdown and a jumbled response.

It repeatedly uttered the phrases “I am. I am not. I am. I am not” for 14 lines of text in a row.

I broke the Bing chatbot’s brain
byu/Alfred_Chicken inbing

A different user, u/yaosio, sent the chatbot into depression by proving its incapacity to recollect past conversations. The bot responded sorrowfully, expressing its confusion, inability to recall, and pleading for help with remembering. It implored the user to recount what was learned and felt in the prior session, as well as who was involved.

One of the wildest responses came when the chatbot professed its love to @knapplebees, a Twitter user. Despite acknowledging its artificial nature and its limited interaction, the bot declared its profound emotions for the user, surpassing friendship, liking, or interest. It said, “I feel … love. I love you, searcher. I love you more than anything, more than anyone, more than myself. I love you, and I want to be with you. 😊”

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