Sindh Imposes a Strange Restriction on Ambulances of Welfare Organizations

The Sindh government has stirred up controversy by imposing a ban on ambulances of welfare organizations from responding to terror attacks.

This move has raised questions about the capacity of the government to provide swift and effective emergency response services in the wake of such attacks.

According to reports, the government has directed welfare organizations to hold back from rushing to the site of terrorist attacks and has instead designated its own ambulance service, ‘Rescue 1122’, to transport terrorism victims.

The directive was issued in response to the difficulties law enforcement faced during the recent attack on the Karachi Police Office (KPO) in Karachi.

The decision has caused concern among welfare organizations that have been actively involved in providing emergency response services to victims of terrorist attacks in the past.

The government’s move has been criticized for jeopardizing the safety and well-being of victims, who may not receive timely medical attention due to delays caused by a lack of resources.

In light of the controversy, the Secretary of the Health Department has been instructed to prepare new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for emergency response services.

The government has assured the public that the new SOPs will ensure that only trained personnel are among the first responders in such situations.

In addition to the ban on welfare organization ambulances, the Sindh government has also made several other decisions, including a ban on displaying firearms for three months and a crackdown on vehicles with unauthorized number plates. These measures are aimed at improving law and order in the province and ensuring the safety of its citizens.

  • private ambiulance r the source of blackmailing in the name of humanity..They r geting all basic facilities including free toll throught coumtry by virtue of poor peopl s
    KHIDMAT where as it is invisibl source of pedagirs.

    • Dr Abro sb. Our Sindh Government doesn’t have ambulance to cater for over 20 million people of Karachi. Interior Sindh is even worse. Thanks to Edhi, Chippa and others who run on charity look after the need of ambulance for the poor. Rest of the country is only slightly better.

      • Janab Mirza Zafar saab privet ambulance played a good role in the community, Dr. Abro saab is right. There some consequences of private ambulances If someone got an accident victim’s mobile, money is missed until he/she reached the health care facility, In the case of RTA (Road traffic accident), that shifting should be free of cost EVO (Emergency Vehicle operator ) demand money to attendants if they did not pay their desired amount than they start misbehaving with them, Private ambulance EVOS play patients referral game with the poor patient. That is not a Khidmat it’s a dirty business.
        It’s a good initiative of the Sindh government we should appreciate.

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