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Transporters Increase Fares Following Fuel Rate Hikes

Transporters have hiked intercity and intracity charges by 10% in response to the federal government’s decision to increase fuel prices. According to a media report, bus fares in Karachi have increased.

The increased rates will apply to buses with and without air conditioning. The announcement has created worry among the residents of Karachi as commuting will become unaffordable for a vast majority of people.

Yesterday, the federal government increased the price of petroleum products by up to Rs. 13 per liter. The federal government approved a Rs. 5 per liter rise in the price of petrol, which now costs Rs. 272.

Meanwhile, the price per liter of high-speed diesel (HSD) went up by Rs. 13 reaching Rs. 293. Likewise, the price of kerosene oil has increased by Rs. 2.56 per liter, making the current price per litre Rs. 190.29 per liter.

The price of light fuel, meanwhile, remained the same. While the increase in petrol prices has affected transportation costs for people, speculations suggest that the rise in diesel prices will prompt a massive increase in the prices of general consumer goods.