Netflix is Working Hard on a Cloud Gaming Service

Netflix is currently developing a cloud gaming service, which would allow for its growing game collection to be played more easily and on a wider range of devices. In a briefing with reporters, Leanne Loombe, Netflix’s VP of external games, confirmed that work on the project is currently “underway.”

This follows an announcement made by the company’s VP of games, Mike Verdu, in October stating that Netflix was “seriously exploring” a cloud gaming service. During the briefing, Loombe said:

We are very early in that side of our journey. We do believe that cloud gaming will enable us to provide that easy access to games on any screen and be frictionless and provide the accessibility into gaming experiences.

Loombe emphasized that Netflix is taking a cautious approach to the development of the service, likely in order to avoid a debacle on the scale of Google Stadia.

At the moment, these mobile games are accessible through the Netflix app, but to actually play them, users must download them from the App Store or Google Play, which is not as seamless as starting a show with a tap within the app.

Enabling users to play Netflix’s games within the app could potentially entice more people to give them a try, instead of the limited number who have done so thus far.

However, according to Loombe, the specifics of how Netflix’s mobile games currently function will remain unclear for the foreseeable future. This is not unexpected, given that Netflix’s cloud gaming endeavors seem to be in their early stages, and they will likely need Apple to ease its stringent restrictions on cloud gaming apps before being able to offer a comprehensive cloud gaming service.

But it appears that the company is still dedicated to utilizing cloud gaming as a means of making their titles more accessible for mobile and other platforms.

Loombe added:

As you can imagine, we do want Netflix games to be playable on every Netflix device that you have. How the mobile app stores and the streaming comes together is something that we are continuing to work out and plan for.

40 More Games Coming

Netflix’s game library currently consists of 55 titles with the recent addition of Valiant Hearts: Coming Home and the hauntingly dystopian Highwater, but it is planning to add up to 40 more games in 2023.

The company has unveiled a few of these upcoming titles, including Terra Nil, a reverse city-builder game slated for release on March 28th, and Paper Trail, a puzzle-solving game that involves folding parts of the world.

The company has partnered with Ubisoft to create three exclusive games, the second of which, Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace, is set to be released on April 18th. This roguelite takes place in the same universe as The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot and boasts a revamped formula, a more intricate storyline, and enhanced gameplay.

Additionally, there are many more to come as 2023 goes on.

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