Dubai Issues Guidelines on What Breaks the Fast and What Doesn’t

Grand Mufti of the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai, Hussein Al Ahdal, has outlined fasting rules during the holy month of Ramadan.

In these guidelines, he has clarified rulings regarding activities that are believed to break the fast such as inhaling dust, injecting insulin, using makeup, or going to a doctor.

According to the mufti, two types of actions can break the fast in the holy month. The first involves consuming anything, such as food, drink, medicine, or vitamin injections. The second type involves intimacy, menstruation, puking, and the use of ear/eye/nose drops.

He stated that anything that goes into the abdomen nullifies one’s fast. Here is the list of things that break the fast and things that do not:

Things That Break Your Fast

  • Smoking or chewing gum.
  • Burning incense and inhaling it intentionally.
  • Intimacy, which also carries a penalty of two months of fasting or feeding 60 poor people.

Things That Do Not Break Your Fast

  • According to Grand Mufti, brushing one’s teeth is discouraged because toothpaste can reach the throat, which invalidates fast.
  • Fasting is not invalidated by inhaling dust, using inhalers, or wearing nicotine patches.
  • Bathing or swimming. However, if water enters one’s throat during these activities, it will invalidate the fast
  • Using lipstick, cream, nail polish, or makeup products. However, it is advised to remove nail polish while performing ablution because it prevents water from touching the nails.

Illness and Taking Injection

Mufti Hussein emphasized that a person who is ill is permitted to give a blood test and receive injections while fasting. Even in such circumstance, however, nutritional injections are not permitted.

It is also essential to mention here that an ill person is excused from fasting.

Other Pieces of Advice by Mufti

The Grand Mufti has recommended Muslims to clean their teeth with miswak while fasting because it does not break the fast. It will also help in getting rid of bad breath.

He further explained that tasting food to ensure it has been properly cooked without swallowing will not invalidate the fast. If a person does this, they must rinse their mouth and nose with a small amount of water.

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