Denmark is Making It Easier for Foreigners to Immigrate and Get Work Visas

Denmark, one of the most attractive countries for foreigners, is all set to ease its immigration rules in order to attract international talent, as Europe faces an overall labor shortage.

The Scandinavian nation will lower the minimum wage requirements, expand the fast-track work permit program, and create more jobs for immigrants. The country will also allow longer stays for international students to search for jobs.

To summarize, Denmark made several amendments to Danish Aliens act on 23 March, which will come into effect on 1 April. Under the new rules, Denmark has made it easy for employers to hire third-country nationals (TCNs).

Lowering the Minimum Wage Requirement

Salary requirement has been decreased to open more avenues for foreign nationals. After the new limit comes into force, foreigners making at least DKK 375,000 (€50,344) will be allowed to apply for work and residence permits. The current limit is DKK 465,000 (€62,434).

Fast-Track Certification for Hiring Foreign Employees

Danish businesses looking to hire foreign employees will be able to take advantage of fast-track certification, allowing for speedy work permit processing and more flexible employment terms.

While previously limited to companies with a minimum of 20 full-time employees, recent amendments have lowered the requirement to just 10, thereby increasing accessibility for smaller businesses.

Expanding the Start-Up Scheme

Denmark’s start-up scheme for third-country nationals is also expanding its horizons. Currently, only open to entrepreneurs who intend to launch a new business within the country, the scheme will now be extended to individuals who already possess a business in Denmark or are looking to open a branch in the nation from outside its borders.

These changes will take effect from 1 April, promoting further business opportunities and encouraging international entrepreneurship within the country.

Incentivizing International Students to Stay

International university students are also being incentivized to stay in the country after completing their degrees. With the new policy in place, students will automatically receive a three-year period for job searching after graduation.

Notably, this period comes without the need for separate residence permit applications and allows for searching and living in the country.

Under the previous system, graduates were only able to stay for two years, making the revised policy a positive change for international students. By offering a more extended job search period, Denmark seeks to retain talented individuals who have received education within its borders, further promoting diversity and knowledge-sharing within the workforce.

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