Pakistani Man Jailed for Sexually Harassing Air Hostess on Emirates’ Dubai Flight

A Pakistani passenger, Mohammed Razaq, has been found guilty of sexually harassing an air hostess on an Emirates flight from Dubai to Manchester last year in March.

The 29-year-old man groped and threatened the air hostess and verbally abused other passengers on the flight. Razaq was immediately arrested upon landing at Manchester airport in 2022, but it took a year for the sentence to be delivered by a UK court, which gave him 18-month jail term.

During the trial, the prosecution revealed that Razaq spent three weeks in Pakistan and drank heavily out of sorrow during his journey because his parents did not approve of his new bride.

He also caused damage worth $248 by breaking a seat and bending the headrest. The airline staff had to stop serving him alcohol as he had become out of control.

The victim recounted the traumatic experience, stating that it took her a long time to recover from this incident. Her colleague, who has been working for Emirates for the last seven years, described the incident as the worst they had ever experienced.

This case serves as a reminder of the significance of ensuring the safety of flight attendants, who are often subjected to abuse and harassment by passengers.

It also stresses the need for immediate action to be taken against such offenders to prevent them from endangering others on board.

Via Al Arabiya

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Salman Ahmed