SBBW University Peshawar Bans Female Students From Wearing Jeans and Tights

Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University in Peshawar has imposed a dress code for female students, prohibiting the wearing of western attire.

The university has released a notification stipulating that jeans and tights are not permitted. Instead, the new dress code mandates that female students wear knee-length shirts, trousers, and a white dupatta.

The notification also warned that any student who violates the dress code will be fined Rs. 1,000.

This move has sparked a debate among the public, with some people supporting the university’s decision, while others believe that students should be allowed to dress as they want.

The issue of dress codes in educational institutions has been a contentious one in Pakistan for some time.

Last year in April, Women University Swabi prohibited the use of smartphones on its premises starting. The notification, which was issued by the university’s administration, explicitly stated that students are not allowed to use smartphones or tablets while attending classes or being within the university’s premises.

According to the university’s administration, the decision was made to ensure that students can concentrate on their studies without the distractions caused by excessive use of social media applications. The administration also noted that the overuse of smartphones can adversely affect the academic performance and behavior of students, hence the need to enforce this rule.

In 2021, the Toba Tek Singh sub-campus of the University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) implemented a dress code policy for its female students. The policy prohibited students from wearing T-shirts with jeans, sleeveless shirts, see-through or skintight dresses, as well as flashy jewelry, anklets, and heavy make-up.

The move was made to promote a sense of modesty and decency among female students, in accordance with the cultural and religious norms of the region. The dress code policy was put in place to ensure that students present themselves in a manner that is respectful and appropriate for an educational institution.

The UAF administration emphasized that the dress code policy is not meant to restrict students’ personal choices but to promote a culture of professionalism and respect. The policy was implemented to encourage students to focus on their academic pursuits and not be distracted by inappropriate attire.

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