7 Arrested for Renting Smartphones to Kids in Peshawar

According to reports, seven individuals were apprehended in Peshawar’s Faqirabad area on Saturday for renting mobile phones to underage children. 

The incident came to light when a video capturing children using mobile phones at a shop in Faqirabad, where they were charged Rs. 60 per hour, went viral.

In an official statement, the police confirmed the arrest of the seven individuals involved in this practice. The suspects were not only renting mobile phones but also encouraging children to engage in online activities, such as playing PUBG.

During the operation, law enforcement authorities took action by sealing two shops and recovering 23 mobile phones from their possessions. Some reports claim the number of confiscated devices to be 47.

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  • From their logic parents buying gaming consoles for children should be arrested under terrorism act. From more than a decade arcade games shops are still present in many part of Pakistan. Instead of providing quality education, entertainment and good grooming, stupidity of people ruining the generation.

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