Hamdard Pakistan Launches #AafiyatSeJeetayRaho Campaign to Promote Wellness and Triumph

As the medical industry continues to advance globally, it is witnessing new scientific breakthroughs that are revolutionizing the field.

In spite of this progress, a considerable portion of the population experiences a range of physical, mental, or spiritual disorders and afflictions. In pursuit of remedies, the health-seekers pursue and investigate diverse approaches to healing, including allopathic, homeopathic, Ayurvedic, and even spiritual modalities.

However, it is pertinent to question the efficacy of these healthcare systems in terms of their ability to provide relief from diseases. Moreover, we must assess whether these various branches of medicine that address our ailments have been successful in delivering permanent treatments for the diseases or not.

Such a phenomenon necessitates re-evaluating current practices and exploring new horizons to enhance health standards. Moreover, a change in perceptions is needed to tackle such a complex issue.

Perhaps it is time to reconsider the conventional saying “prevention is better than cure”, and adopt a new collective approach that centers on “prevention is the only cure” with a strong emphasis on the concept of Aafiyat (wellness) as adopted by Hamdard Pakistan to promote the general awareness regarding prevention and overall health.

Wellness encompasses a harmonious combination of physical well-being, mental wellbeing, and peace of mind. While health can be maintained by adhering to principles of hygiene, a sense of security and tranquility is attained through adopting correct beliefs and taking the most beneficial actions.

The promotion of wellness becomes more important when a majority of individuals who consider themselves healthy are, in fact, not truly healthy but rather in a state of infirmity.

Infirmity pertains to a transitional state that lies between health and disease, wherein the identification of disease causes and preemptive recovery are readily attainable prior to the onset of illness. Infirmity state is the reason for the country’s rapid fall in national health indexes.

The majority of the population is under the impression that the absence of illness is health. But in fact, it is not true. Ideal healthcare would look at not only the symptoms but the direct cause, as well as focusing on keeping the healthy population healthy.  This is what Hamdard Pakistan offers to the world, an adequate healthcare system.

Notably, all of Hamdard’s initiatives directly align with its mission to serve and advance the healthcare sector of the nation. And through its mission, Hamdard Pakistan remains steadfast in its commitment to disseminating the message of wellness.

The recent television commercial (TVC) serves as yet another testament to Hamdard’s unwavering dedication and determination. It effectively communicates to both local and global audiences the invaluable national services and contributions of Hamdard Pakistan in the last 70 years to society.

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