NADRA Launches Home Service for CNICs in Karachi

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is launching a new biker service in Karachi. This service will allow people to get their Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) processed at home, without having to visit a NADRA center.

The biker service is a portable NADRA center that will be staffed by the authority’s employees. They will use motorbikes to travel to people’s homes and register them for a CNIC. The service will also offer a female registration option, where female NADRA employees will use scooters to register women only.

The service will charge an additional fee, in addition to the standard CNIC processing fee. The CNIC will be delivered to the applicant’s home after the process is complete.

It is expected to be launched in Karachi in the coming weeks, rolling out to other cities later.

Here are some of the benefits of the biker service:

  • Convenience: People will no longer have to travel to a NADRA center to get their CNIC processed.
  • Flexibility: The biker service will be available at home, at the applicant’s convenience.
  • Accessibility: It will make it easier for people with disabilities or mobility issues to get their CNIC processed.

The biker service is a convenient, flexible, and accessible way for people to get their CNIC processed.

  • Good initiative. This services should also be extended to senior citizens for verification of finger prints.

  • Ar wahh! Bhayi waah. Jab sey shadi hoi Hy. Married CNIC abhi tak nhi banwaya ahi tak nhi banwaya yahi soon soon k pak gaya th. Ye hoi na bat ab ghar bathy banwayengy. Di Haider.
    Yar poore blog main apny koi reference page nhi deya k Yahan sey ja kar apply kry. Kya content writer Hy yaar?

    • Bhai abhi service launch nahin howi. It will be launched in a few weeks in Karachi. Tab details aur link aap ko mil jayen gi.

  • Now the tables are turned they were making people keep visiting them now they will be visiting people again and again

  • Well done It was very much necessary thanks nadara for publice convenience.

  • Good initiative hope will continue as well I need to renewal my wife CNIC last one two years but due to rush and line we can’t get it pls ensure it ok

  • Thank you for this item because every woman needs this type of physicality. Again Thanks DG nadra

  • Sir, this service for all OR only for disable persons
    How many CNIC Fee
    How many biker service charges

  • It will be the most convenient service by NADRA pl take the measures of safety and security for both.

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