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Massive Customs Duties Imposed on Import of Car Parts

Even in the latest fiscal budget, the car parts sector seemingly remains an afterthought. The official budget document available with ProPakistani states that the government has imposed a massive customs duty (CD) rate on the import of several car components.

According to the details, the government has set a 35% CD rate on the import of car components. The same rate has been applied to all car parts regardless of how basic or complex they are.

The list of some of the most common parts include:

  • Protective strips
  • Luggage compartments
  • Interior panels and padding
  • Water and air hoses and channels
  • Bumper and impact braces
  • Spare tires and parts thereof
  • Bodywork
  • Mounts, clamps, dampeners, and other fitment components
  • Engine and transmission assembly
  • Suspension and brake components
  • Wheels and tires
  • Exhaust system
  • Electrical components

The taxes on such basic components are likely to act as deterrents in car price control or reduction. For the parts importers, the high CD rates are likely to be a grave challenge.

  • Good proposal! It should have been done earlier. While public buses are being introduced, people should be encouraged to avail this facility.

  • Excellent step, at least now the local assemblers would be forced to localize the production if they any shame.

  • Either auto industry should manufacture 70 to 100 percent locally and collaborate with China or churn out awami juice by facilitating auto assemblers and importers.

  • Govt should initiate 100% locally made automobiles, including all components, sub-components, parts & consumables. Irrespective of how basic the vehicle is, as long as it’s reliable, safe & fuel efficient (standardized). One of the example is locally produced 70cc motorbikes

    • Local manufacturing is ruined and all govt depts are vultures playing very seriously to destroy local industries.

  • Corrupt government neither allow imported items at low prices neither it let local industries to flourish as the system is to corrupt to erect local industries.
    The are killing the average and middle class people. GhOONT GhOONT K LIEY TARSA RHY HAIN, ta k in k moqably main koi na rhy or ghareeb awam in k hamesha ghulam rhain.

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