Lahore Digitally Identifies 43 Smog Hotspots Ahead of Winter Season

The Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) has embarked on a mission to combat the city’s smog crisis by digitally mapping 43 smog hotspots and deploying field teams for daily sweeping and washing activities. This initiative aims to improve air quality and reduce the health risks associated with smog.

LWMC spokespersons revealed that this comprehensive road scraping project encompasses approximately 70 to 80 kilometers of road networks daily. Notable smog hotspots such as Circular Road, Lari Adda, Bhaatti Chowk, Railway Road Bazaar, Thokar Chowk, College Road, and others are receiving special attention. Images of the teams’ work are being diligently uploaded to a dedicated application to track progress.

In parallel, the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) of Lahore is battling the dengue epidemic. They have recently undertaken extensive disinfection operations in various PHA facilities, employing an innovative strategy of introducing mosquito-killing fish into fountains and water bodies under their jurisdiction. These fish target mosquito larvae, disrupting their breeding cycle and reducing the mosquito population, ultimately curtailing the spread of the dengue virus.

Commissioner Muhammad Ali Randhawa has issued directives to enhance park regulations and improve the city’s horticultural landscape. This includes revamping flower beds, installing new planters, and addressing necessary civil work.

  • LWMC workers themselves are the biggest cause of SMOG in Lahore. The on duty chaprasis, put garbage on fire after gathering it on every street corner. You can see it with your open eyes everyday.

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