Sindh Lifts Ban on Registration of New Private Schools

In a significant move, Sindh’s caretaker government has announced the lifting of the ban on the registration of private educational institutions and introduced crucial amendments to streamline the education sector.

The decision was made following a series of meetings led by the interim chief minister, focusing on education policies and structural improvements for educational institutions in the province.

The Directorate of Inspection & Registration of Private Institutions, under the leadership of Rafia Javed, issued an official notification, in compliance with the directives of the school education & literacy department. According to the notification, several key criteria have been established for registering private schools.

Notably, a minimum plot area of 200 yards is mandated for pre-primary and elementary schools in suburban areas, while upmarket areas require 400 yards. Secondary or O-level schools must have a minimum plot area of 400 yards, or 600 yards in upmarket areas, along with specific room requirements.

Moreover, the notification highlights the importance of facilities such as science and computer laboratories, well-equipped libraries, CCTV cameras, clean toilets, and boundary walls. These measures aim to ensure the quality and safety of education in private schools.

Additionally, in a separate notification, the Sindh School Education & Literacy Department has conferred greater authority upon the special secretary (schools) to handle various cases related to primary and secondary schools. This includes decisions regarding employee retirements, leaves, inter-departmental transfers, and more, up to the BS-20 level.

Published by
Asma Sajid