Millennials and Gen-Z Are More Intelligent Than Boomers in Pakistan

A recent survey by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan has revealed interesting insights into generational differences in the country.

When asked to compare the behavior of the new generation to the old, most Pakistanis felt the youth of today are more rebellious and intelligent.

In the survey, participants were asked, “Do you think the new generation is more disobedient than the one before?” A striking 71 percent agreed, while 27 percent disagreed, and a small 2 percent were unsure or did not respond.

However, it is not all critique for the younger generation. When it comes to brains, another survey found that 4 out of 5 Pakistanis feel the new generation is smarter. 

The survey found that 83 percent of people believe that the younger generation is more intelligent than the previous generation. 15 percent disagreed, and 3 percent were unsure or didn’t respond.

In a nutshell, while today’s youth may be seen as a bit more rebellious, they are also recognized for their intelligence.

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      • Yes quite possibly and the biggest question is what did that generation which these scientists were part of did with them history speaks for itself the previous generations were quite fools and slave minded and didn’t do anything so that we today could have better chances than before and they still have the audacity to question us while most of all the problems in todays generation or the current situation is because of Thier less intellectual capabilities

  • Today’s youth is worse, unfortunately.

    Using mobile, playing games on computer doesn’t make you Intelligent. And being smart is far from being Intelligent.

    Most of them have become taxi and motorbike drivers. They don’t have ambitions, they don’t want earn respect they just want shortcuts. they are only good on blaming their elders, system and government.

    Lot can be said

    • Agreed with Naveed. I’m 59 and not a day goes when I don’t seem to understand how ill-mannered and impractical today’s generation is. Both boys and girls are too outspoken and shameless. No respect for elders not even their own parents. They know very little but pretend and act like they know about last fifty years. very sad. That’s why the societal values are coming to end fast

  • Boomers were becoming Scientists, doctors, engineers, building houses, taking care of the families and living a simple life. This generation is busy playing pubg, making tiktok videos, portray materialism and many are living on father’s money .
    If new generation is so intelligent then why economy of Pakistan is going down?.

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