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Careem Introduces Flexi Rides to Compete with inDrive

In a strategic move to regain lost market share, Careem, a prominent player in the ride-hailing industry, has unveiled a new feature — flexi rides.

Just as before, a user just needs to tap on “Car” on the app’s home screen and select their destination and pickup point. After that, the user can compare the prices of all Ride options and choose the appropriate one.

Flexi option is now available for Go, Go Mini, and Bike rides and the app lets the user compare the prices with the non-flexi ride options.

This innovative model empowers commuters by allowing them to set their own fares for rides, providing a personalized and flexible pricing structure.

The concept of customizable fares is not entirely new to the industry, as both inDrive and Bykea have successfully implemented similar models.

These ride-hailing services have gained popularity among commuters due to the freedom they offer in choosing fare rates, creating a competitive edge in the market.

Careem’s decision to embrace the flexi rides model reflects a proactive effort to respond to evolving consumer preferences and competition dynamics.

The company aims to directly compete with inDrive, a platform that has garnered favor among users for its user-centric approach.

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