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80% Women Driving on Lahore’s Roads Have Failed Their Driving Tests

Following the Punjab government’s decision to arrest motorists driving without a valid license, thousands of individuals, including women, have applied to obtain their licenses.

According to the officials, as many as 63,000 women applied for driving licenses during the last 11 days. However, 80% of the applicants failed the driving tests, highlighting the need for improved driving education and training programs in the region.

An official told a media outlet that thousands of women drivers applied for the licenses, however, the majority of them failed to pass the test. He also acknowledged that the system needs further improvements.

It is important to note that driving license issuance increased by a massive 788% in recent weeks. Last week, more than 60,000 driving licenses were issued to citizens.

There have also been concerns about the Punjab police’s practice to include the names of underage drivers in its criminal record. The Lahore High Court (LHC) recently heard a petition in this regard, and later sought responses from top officials, including IG Punjab.

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  • This is only a alibi to bargain a bribe … the issue is to earn money as a bribe by traffic police

    • Ever applied for a license before? Me along with 2 of my friends got theirs. One failed the test and no one asked him for money, instead advised to get better and return when fully prepared.

      Stop spreading rumours..

  • Lahore high court is the only remedial forum for the atrocities of the Punjab Police😡😡😡

    • Warraich cast came from sikh religion, you should be ashamed of using it being a Muslim. Our Prophet SAW discouraged and order not to promote.

  • We have most easiest driving test in the world. I can bet if govt start re testing existing license holders with proper testing they will fail as well with large margin.

    • You are right, on motorway i come across countless cars over speeding with high beams and if you are overtaking normally they will come with dippers to give them clear path like their sugar daddy owns the motorway. And some try to touch your car as well.

  • Friends, agreed that over 90% of drivers, even holding driving licences, try to fly road vehicles without caring for others. Moreover, driving sense lacks in our society.

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