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Rs. 32.6 Million Fine Imposed on Smoke Emitting Vehicles on Motorways and Highways

In a bid to combat environmental pollution and smog, the Ministry of Communication has undertaken substantial measures against vehicles emitting smoke over the past three years. The crackdown has resulted in fines amounting to millions of rupees being imposed on offenders across various roads and motorways.

Over the last three years, a staggering 65,379 cases of driving offenses were documented against vehicles emitting smoke on motorways and highways. The fines levied during this period surpassed Rs. 32.6 million, reflecting the government’s commitment to curbing air pollution.

Specifically targeting vehicles on highways, 61,399 cases of driving offenses related to smoke emissions were registered. The stringent measures indicate a focus on high-traffic areas to mitigate the impact of vehicular pollution on the environment.

The Ministry, in its efforts to enforce emission regulations, reported 3,980 cases of driving offenses related to smoke-emitting vehicles on motorways. Fines exceeding Rs. 1.9 million were imposed on more than 3,980 vehicles, signaling a robust response to violations.

The details of these proactive actions were recently presented in the Senate by the Ministry of Transportation. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the fines imposed, the number of offenses recorded, and the overall impact of the measures taken.

These steps align with the government’s broader commitment to environmental sustainability and public health. By targeting the root cause of air pollution through stringent penalties, authorities aim to create a cleaner and healthier living environment for citizens.

As the government continues its efforts to address environmental challenges, such measures against vehicular emissions serve as a crucial step towards ensuring a sustainable and greener future for the nation.

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