Netflix is Quietly Removing Cheaper Plans in Several Countries

Netflix is doubling down on new revenue-making schemes. The media streaming giant initiated a global crackdown against password sharing in 2023 and also introduced an all-new ad-supported tier. Now it seems that Netflix is quietly phasing out its cheaper subscription tier which is known as ‘Basic.’

The Basic Netflix package in Pakistan costs only Rs. 450 per month, or $11.99 in Western countries. It is known for its affordability and an ad-free watching experience, but it stopped being available to new or returning customers last summer. But now it will start phasing out entirely, starting with the UK and Canada.

Netflix is gravitating more towards its ad-supported tiers and it shows in its popularity numbers as well. The ad tier has grown by 70% over the last quarter and now makes up an alarming 40% of new Netflix subscriptions in markets where it exists.

Once the Basic tier is removed, users will be left to choose between the Standard Tier and the Premium Tier for an ad-free experience. The Standard tier provides 1080p streaming and costs Rs. 800 per month in Pakistan while the Premium tier brings 4K streaming at Rs. 1,100. You can also stream on up to 6 devices through the Premium tier.

The Basic tier cancellation has only hit Canada and the UK for now, but it’s only a matter of time before it reaches other regions and countries including Pakistan. The password-sharing crackdown, for instance, reached Pakistan soon after the rest of the world, meaning it will probably not be long before we bid farewell to the cheaper plan.

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  • I don’t think this is wise. They will lose double digit percentage of users.
    They are shows and movies not available on Netflix either old or new.
    Especially Pakistani movies n shows

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