CDA Approves Rs. 2.43 Billion Bid for Construction of Separate Cycling Lanes Across Islamabad

The construction of bicycle tracks across Islamabad is expected to commence soon following approval by the Chairman Capital Development Authority, Captain Retired Anwar ul Haq, to the lowest bid submitted by M/s Railway Construction.

Following a technical evaluation, the financial bids were revealed in the last week of January, with M/s Railway Construction being announced as the lowest bidder, followed by M/s National Logistics Cell (NLC).

The initial engineer’s estimate for the project was Rs.2.4 billion. M/s Railway Construction submitted a bid of Rs.2.43 billion, while M/s NLC quoted Rs.3.72 billion, significantly exceeding both the estimate and M/s Railway Construction’s bid.

The committee responsible for the project has decided to award it to M/s Railway Construction after determining them to be the first lowest bidder.

Of the total amount, Rs.2.16 billion will be allocated for civil works, Rs.150 million for electrical works, and Rs.121 million for ancillary works.

Published by
Arsalan Khattak