CDA Approves Rs. 2.43 Billion Bid for Construction of Separate Cycling Lanes Across Islamabad

The construction of bicycle tracks across Islamabad is expected to commence soon following approval by the Chairman Capital Development Authority, Captain Retired Anwar ul Haq, to the lowest bid submitted by M/s Railway Construction.

Following a technical evaluation, the financial bids were revealed in the last week of January, with M/s Railway Construction being announced as the lowest bidder, followed by M/s National Logistics Cell (NLC).

The initial engineer’s estimate for the project was Rs.2.4 billion. M/s Railway Construction submitted a bid of Rs.2.43 billion, while M/s NLC quoted Rs.3.72 billion, significantly exceeding both the estimate and M/s Railway Construction’s bid.

The committee responsible for the project has decided to award it to M/s Railway Construction after determining them to be the first lowest bidder.

Of the total amount, Rs.2.16 billion will be allocated for civil works, Rs.150 million for electrical works, and Rs.121 million for ancillary works.

  • Hope to see mostly motor cyclists enjoying these 2 Billion lanes since hardly a very small percentage of Islamabadian cycling enthusiasts at present …will the lanes be guarded for such violations

  • Please also connect to GREEN LINE Barakhu Motorcycle and Cycle lanes to these Cycle lanes going to develop in Islamabad.
    As if you observe From that portion GREEN LINE Barakhu to Serena chok, there is many motorcyclist coming but couldn’t follow the lanes

  • A huge money is being spent only for few thousand people who use cycle but nothing is being done to provide quality decent public transport to millions of people who face difficulties while travelling from home to schools, work places and for other needs.

  • I’m not sure how useful would it be. Instead they should construct separate motorcycle lanes, ’cause motorcycle is biggest culprit as far as traffic violations and road accidents in Pakistan are concerned.

  • There is acute shortage of water in capital, CDA is supplying 22 MGD water from simly dam and 4 MGD from khanpur dam against the capacity of 42 MGD from simly dam and 12 MGD from khanpur dam,this data shoes 50 % reduction in water supply ,what will be the position in hot summer from April to July, capital development authority have no clear work plan to overcome the water crises,no new water resources planned since 1980, the population of Islamabad is increasing day by day, I think the basic need of capital is water supply, sewerage disposal,street lights, drainage system, and inter city road network, development of E 12 ,I 12, I 14 ,I 15 and I 16 pending since 1990,

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