Rs. 160 Million Invested in Sindh Games – Really?

An unfortunate incident happened at the ongoing Sindh Games when an athlete had to be rushed to the hospital due to an alarming medical condition, but there was no ambulance available according to the sources present on the scene.

According to the online source, the budget for the Games is Rs. 160 million but it’s alarming to see that not even a single ambulance was present.

The same source criticized the field which had to host the event as he deemed the field to be not up to the mark.

Other experts said that it’s pointless to organize such events if basic medical facilities can’t be provided. They can cause more harm than good.

An X-user, Huzaifa Khan, shared a video of athletes running without shoes at the Games, while he also said that the standard is very low and proper facilities aren’t being provided.

Such incidents give the audience a view of what the athletes encounter at provincial-level tournaments. Expectations should be kept bare minimum if such events keep on taking place and no improvement is seen.

Published by
Faiz Ahmed