Here are the Exciting Updates in Latest PUBG Update – PUBG 29.1 Patch Notes

The battle royale sensation, PUBG just got a whole lot better with its latest PUBG update 29.1.

The latest patch brings exciting new features, coupled with in-game improvements and also fixed the issues that were not previously addressed.

PUBG 29.1 introduces the highly-anticipated Destructible Terrain feature in the new map Rondo, some major gunplay adjustments, collaboration with Ducati, and much more.

Here are the latest PUBG 29.1 patch updates

PUBG Update 29.1 Patch Notes

Map Select Regions (AS, SEA)

  • Fixed rotation including favoured maps like Rondo, Miramar, Sanhok, Taego, and more.

Map Select Regions (KR/JP, KAKAO)

  • Fixed rotation including favored maps like Miramar and Rondo.

Random Map Regions (NA, EU, RU, OC, SA & Console)

  • Rotations featuring Deston will have a 20% probability for each map.

Live Server – Ranked

  • Map pool: Erangel (25%), Miramar (25%), Taego (20%), Vikendi (20%), Rondo (10%).

World: Rondo

Gunplay Adjustments

  • SCAR-L and AKM adjustments.
  • Equipping animation added for Panzerfaust.
  • Sound adjustments for Mk12.

Collaboration: Ducati

  • Exclusive Ducati container and vehicle skins.
  • Special crafting is available at the Workshop.

Ranked Season 29

  • Rondo added to the map pool.
  • Number of players: 64.
  • Various updates to gameplay, rewards, and medals.

World: Erangel

  • Hall of Fame updated.

Bot Refinement

  • Enhancements to bot movement and behavior.

Survivor Pass


  • Special and Artisan Crafting additions.
  • Mastery Medal additions.

Performance Improvements

  • Enhanced stability in crowded situations.

Bug Fixes

  • Gameplay, world, UX/UI, items & skins fixes.

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