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Nintendo Confirms Switch 2 Will Launch in Early 2025

During the company’s financial call, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa revealed some details about the upcoming successor to the Switch.

Furukawa stated that the successor to the Switch will be announced sometime within this financial year, which concludes on March 31, 2025. This means we can expect to see a Nintendo Switch 2 announcement in early 2025. A March launch would also align with the original Nintendo Switch launch, which took place in March 2017.

Additionally, Nintendo has scheduled its next Nintendo Direct event for June of next month. This event will focus on showcasing forthcoming games for the current Switch platform. However, it was specified that there would be no announcements related to the successor of the Switch at this event.

This statement suggests that the new console could be announced in the first quarter of 2025, aligning with existing rumors. Since February, it has been known that Nintendo informed game publishers of plans to release its next console around this time.

It’s important to note, however, that an announcement and a release are not the same. In its English tweet, Nintendo specifically used the term ‘announcement.’ This indicates that while the console may be unveiled before April, its actual availability could occur later.

The original Nintendo Switch, released in 2017, was powered by the Nvidia Tegra X1 chip, which first debuted in the 2015 Nvidia Tablet X1. Its distinctive hybrid design enabled it to function both as a portable device and as a home console when docked. The Switch has achieved tremendous success, selling more than 141 million units globally and ranking as the third highest-selling console in history.

Needless to say, the Switch 2 will have big shoes to fill.

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