How to Set Up Passwordless Login on Your Google Account

Passwordless verification is set to be the future of account logins with many major tech companies including Apple, Microsoft, Sony, and others announcing support for it almost a year after Google officially introduced it.

Passwordless logins, or passkeys on Google, allow you to access your account with biometrics, sidestepping the hassle of remembering or saving your passwords.

Here is how to set up passkeys on Google.

How to Set Up Passkeys

To set up passkeys, your smartphone must be running iOS 16/Android 9 or above. As for computers, you need at least Windows 10 or MacOS Ventura, and your web browser must be either Google’s Chrome 109, Apple’s Safari 16, or Microsoft’s Edge 109.

Regardless of your device, simply head over to and log into your Google account. If you’re logged in already, it will ask for your password for verification. After entering your password and hitting Next, it will ask you to create a passkey. Hit Continue here and the passkey option will be saved on your device.

To create your passkey on your device, simply respond to any prompts and complete the biometric verification required. This process will generate your unique passkey.

With this passkey, you can now access your Google account. Should you have two-factor authentication activated, the passkey will serve as a substitute since it confirms that you have your phone physically—mirroring the security provided by 2FA. Alternatively, if you choose not to use the passkey, you can still log in using your traditional password.

What If You Lose Your Passkey Device?

Should your device with passkeys be lost or stolen, you can still access your Google account. Simply use another device that’s linked to your Google account, navigate to, and log in with your regular password. Once signed in, you can delete the passkey linked to the missing device by clicking the ‘X’ next to the passkey and then selecting ‘Remove’. This action will revert your login method to using your password.

Removing passkey from Google account

Via: Cnet

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  • Quote “Passwordless logins, or passkeys on Google, allow you to access your account with biometrics, sidestepping the hassle of remembering or saving your passwords”

    Passwords are still needed to be remembered :)

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