SOS TTI and Shell Pakistan Launched New Eco-Friendly Car “Thunderer” in Karachi

A landmark collaboration between the SOS Technical Training Institute (SOS TTI) and Shell Pakistan culminated in the launch of an eco-friendly car, aptly named “Thunderer,” at a significant ceremony at the Infaq Foundation campus in Korangi, Karachi.

This pioneering initiative marks a significant shift from traditional educational assignments to hands-on technical involvement with vocational institutes. The project, originally proposed by Shell Pakistan and solidified with an MoU in March 2023, showcases a notable investment of Rs.1.3 million aimed at fostering practical engineering skills among the youth.

The “Thunderer,” a sleek, aluminum-chassis single-seater, measures 9.6 feet in length and 4 feet in width. It is equipped with a 100 CC EFI engine boasting a fuel efficiency of 50 KM per liter. The car’s development, predominantly executed on SOS TTI’s premises, included various phases: design, chassis construction, engine installation, machining of wheel rims, and the installation of wheels, shocks, and a comprehensive brake system. Electrical works and the fabrication of a fiberglass mold for the body were also conducted by the students and faculty of SOS TTI.

The ceremony was well-attended by students enrolled in the institute’s 12 specialized 6-month courses, benefiting youth from low-income families across Korangi and other Karachi areas. Representatives from Shell Pakistan, SOS Children’s Villages of Sindh, and the Infaq Foundation were also present.

Comdr (r) Khalid Wasim, Principal of SOS TTI, highlighted the educational synergy and the project’s completion by the end of April 2024, adhering to the scheduled timeline. He emphasized the significance of this project being the first of its kind awarded to a vocational institute rather than traditional engineering universities.

Ms. Nida Tanzeel, Social Performance Manager at Shell Pakistan, commended the SOS TTI team for their efficiency and proficiency in completing the project. She reiterated Shell’s commitment to supporting training and capacity-building initiatives for young men and women in technology and related services. She added: “The team had come up on tremendously and completed the project on time and on budget. It is clear that the success of any project is measured through the on-time completion and with a certain amount of budget.”

Senator (r) Javed Jabbar, Chairman of SOS Children’s Villages of Sindh, praised the project and acknowledged the philanthropic contributions from various supporters, including Ms. Ava Cowasjee. He also underscored the importance of empowering youth with technical skills and embracing creativity and innovation in the era of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Mr. Yacoob Zamindar, Chairman Emeritus of SOS Sindh, delivered the vote of thanks on behalf of Mr. Sanaullah Qurieshi, the indisposed Chairman of SOS-TTI.

The project team, led by Mr. Muhammad Abdullah, Head of the Motor Cycle Department at TTI, along with trainees Mr. Danyal Riaz, Ms. Maima Faraz, Mr. Habib Ullah, and Mr. M. Faisal, were all acknowledged for their roles in this challenging but rewarding project. The “Thunderer” is expected to set a new standard for fuel efficiency and low emissions, operating on normal petrol.

This initiative not only reflects a substantial stride in practical technical education but also sets a precedent for future collaborations between corporate entities and vocational training institutes.

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ProPK Staff