Did UAE Put a New Ban on Visas for Pakistani Passport Holders?

Rumors have been circulating on social media suggesting that Dubai has stopped issuing visas to single Pakistani men under the age of 42. These claims have sparked concern and confusion among potential travelers and the Pakistani community.

A Twitter user recently tweeted, “Dubai stops issuing visas to single Pakistani men under the age of 42 – no formal announcement but have verified this from several reliable sources in the local travel industry.” The tweet quickly went viral, fueling speculation about the alleged visa restrictions.

However, upon thorough investigation, it has been revealed that the viral tweet is false. Dubai has made no such announcement, nor has it stopped issuing visas to Pakistani nationals in recent times. There is no ban on visit or work visas for single Pakistani men under the age of 42 traveling to Dubai.

This is not the first instance of such misinformation spreading online. Last year, similar rumors claimed that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had stopped issuing visit visas to residents of several Pakistani cities. These reports were even affirmed by some local travel agents without proper verification or any official statement from the authorities.

In response to these earlier rumors, the Pakistan Foreign Office denied any specific ban by the UAE on issuing visas to Pakistanis from certain cities. The Consulate General of the UAE in Karachi also labeled these rumors as “fake news,” emphasizing that no such restrictions had been implemented.

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  • About visa ban news is correct because my visit visa as well as employment visa is rejected two times I applied recently visit visa which is rejected and even my employer in uae applied two times my employment visa which is also rejected

  • Your long story is based on one or more false tweets? Wasting yours and others time?

  • Not sure about the tweet but UAE is not issuing visas to almost 90% Pakistani candidates. The reasons they gave to the government official is based on the unethical and illiterate practices of our people going to UAE.
    Groups of Beggars going there
    Pakistanis arranged protest in Dubai on 9th May – They don’t allow anyone to protest there
    Social media posts by Pakistanis in UAE about their matters and conspiracy Theories
    there were 7-8 other reasons too. Check Umar Cheema’s detailed vlog on this.

  • You bloody bitch
    I am working in travel agency and more than 20 applications for Pakistanis have been rejected just in 2 days. And after that we stopped applying more.

  • Brither The news about visit visa and employment visa is not fake Tataly correct visa is not issuing to Pakistani Nationality i also applied visit visa for dubai but got rejected and lost my visa processing fees also visas are not issuing VISIT AND EMPLOYMENT.
    So how can you say this is a false news or rumour….?

  • The fact of the matter is, that uae is restricting visas for certain cities in Pakistan. I had traveled to Dubai twice in 2022 and these were family. However later in the same year my we wanted to make another trip. My travel agent told me that I will no.longer get a visa as my city of birth is restricted. I ignored and him applied and was rejected. I applied one more time through emirates and I was rejected again, however, this time I received an email from VFS global which clearly stated that my city of birth is being restricted by uae and my case can not be processed. I I have been rejected 4 times since 2022 and I have two separate emails from vfs global that state these facts. Btw, I am quite financially stable and I have been traveling to countries with family since. So the new is true I am a victim along with many others of this unjust restriction. We pay a visa processing few and so we should be judged individually and not collectively.

  • Visa Ban news is totally correct. Dubai always rejected the visa applications of people less than 40 years old.
    Moreover, Sharjah authorities also rejecting application without mentioning any reason.
    Yesterday, Sharjah authorities also rejected my VISA application even I am a Dubai Health Authority license holder.
    Everyone can confirm this news from Travel agents.
    This tweet is 100% correct.

  • first kindly do confirm by yourself then share the news. Dubai is not issuing single visa , in other terms, Single Visa is rejecting from Dubai. in another terms , this is the ban for single men visa in dubai. The news is correct

  • Yes, it’s true. They stopped issuing visas. And they limit the age group till 45 and below 45 is required strong connections or pepper work to get visa.

  • Totally true. My brother visa which is partner visa has been rejected twice and today he left UAE. We invested almost AED 150k, not sure how to get it back. Looks like we lost the investment

  • جی سر متحدہ عرب ہم رات میں پاکستانیوں کے ویزے پر نہ صرف وزٹ ویزے بند ہیں بلکہ کوئی پاکستانی ویزہ چینج بھی نہیں کر سکتا یہ خبر سچ ہے

  • Information is correct. You guys are so arrogant to accept the facts or dont bother to make a research? I’m in this industry and have always kept myself up to date. However visa issue presists for both men and women.

  • Dear brother ,please take care while investing money in UAE,if your money is legal don’t waste ,UAE investment is for illegal money ,We are from Pakistan ,no more accepted from Middle East countries,everyone knows why is that ,Please love your country and work hard here ,one day our country will be top in order ,Thanks

  • U don’t know you just share a news without knowing. It’s true visa is ban for Pakistan if not banned you are not allowed to exit the airport and they will surely send you back with visit visa

  • This news is true. I have lost 3 jobs just because I am Pakistani and companies couldn’t give Visa to Pakistani.

  • This platform is writing baseless articles without investigation, my brother visa is rejected and upon visiting immigration he got a very clear reply,”Currently no visas for Pakistanis” No argument, no question. The reply was very clear and asked to check with Pak embassy about reasons.

  • Sirf Jo yaha UAE me log mojod ha or unke vize renewal horahe or new ke liye bilkol band ha koi bi apply na kare q ke Apke pese zaya hojyenge me already UAE me jop karraha ho visat or all visa new ke liye band ha

  • Yes, Dubai have stopped issuing visit Visas to single Pakistan nationals under age of 40. I was planning to visit Dubai then contacted several Agents. They all told me UAE is not issuing visas to Pakistan Nationals.

  • Anyone know when this scenario will b normalized and we get visa of uae ?

  • There is no such ban on Pakistani visas. This is a false information. You just need fulfill their requirements for visas. If documentation not complete visa will definitely reject. Please complete your documents before apply.

  • Its not false, Visas are not being issued to Singles Pakistanis via Dubai, Only families can apply from Dubai, and singles from Sharjah or Abu dhabi and they are rejecting single applicant visas as well. Obviously they never will say this publically or officially.

  • We have an important meeting with Zara on 10th June, my visa got rejected. i checked this with my colleagues working at different organizations. Almost 6 persons visa have been rejected and i can confirm this!

  • Good morning, I confirm that the rumor is true! My French girlfriend and I had planned a trip to Dubai in May 2024. My visa application was rejected twice without having a reason for the rejection!! So we lost our entire trip…

  • Hello everyone,its true that indiviual visas are rejecting by uae for pakistanies,But what about them whom got their visas.I have an appointment for finlad residance permit for studies i am applying for visa soon inshAllah hope for best.we have appointment letters for vfs.Some students got their visas but some of them rejected having appointment letter.So,its true that they are issuing less visas but whats about those people who get their visas?

    • hello same. I have not gotten my vfs global appointment yet, but I am worried about the UAE visa. can we please connect on whatsapp?

  • Visa reject horha hai 100 me se 99 logo ka reject horha lkn yaha dubai waly kehrhy k false news hai agr false hai tooo reject q horhay hai

  • salam
    i am travel agnet and working in UAE visit visas only & This is reality that dubai / abu dahbi and sharjah rejected Pakistani visit visas without any reason only 5% visas issued and 95% visit visas rejections. from this travel industry of Pakistan badly effected. in my personal opinion that their is a political issue with paksitan governemnt.

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