Interior Minister Takes Notice of Married Women’s Passport Issues

Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi addressed the issue of including the name of a married woman’s father or husband on passports on Thursday.

He formed a committee, led by Federal Secretary Interior Khurram Ali Agha, to resolve the matter. Naqvi emphasized the need for a practical solution and instructed the committee to assess all issues and provide recommendations that prioritize the convenience of married women.

He assured that efforts are underway to promptly address this issue within the framework of rules and regulations.

The matter was brought to attention during the Geo News program ‘Geo Pakistan’ when Khadija Bukhari, a lawyer, and petitioner in a case before the Lahore High Court, discussed the issue, which could cause inconvenience and distress for women who wish to retain their father’s name on their identification documents, irrespective of their marital status.

This issue sparked a debate about potential discrimination against women by government institutions, particularly concerning the continuation of a woman’s identity being linked to her former husband even after divorce, without acknowledgment of her preference.

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Rija Sohaib