Pakistan to Launch Multi-Mission Communication Satellite This Month

After the successful launch of iCube-Qamar, Pakistan is gearing up to launch the multi-mission communication satellite PakSAT-MM-1 on May 30 in collaboration with China.

According to a spokesperson from the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Suparco), PakSAT-MM-1 will be launched from China’s Xichang Satellite Launch Centre. This satellite represents a joint effort between Suparco and the Chinese Aerospace Industry, designed to address Pakistan’s communication and connectivity needs.

The spokesperson highlighted that PakSAT-MM-1, based on advanced communication technologies, is expected to play a pivotal role in the socio-economic development of Pakistan. It is anticipated to be a key component in the country’s transformation into a Digital Pakistan, providing a sophisticated communication network to meet the growing demands of the telecom sector. The satellite’s advanced capabilities are set to address the increasing need for high-speed internet and seamless connectivity across the nation.

This launch follows Pakistan’s historic lunar mission, iCube-Qamar, which was successfully deployed on May 3 on board China’s Chang’E6 from Hainan, China. The iCube-Qamar mission marked Pakistan’s first lunar exploration effort, a significant milestone for the country’s space endeavors. The satellite, weighing about 7 kg, was developed by the Electrical Engineering Department of the Institute of Space Technology (IST) in Islamabad. It successfully captured and transmitted its inaugural images from lunar orbit, providing a unique perspective of the moon’s surface.

The upcoming launch of PakSAT-MM-1 signifies Pakistan’s ongoing commitment to advancing its space capabilities. This satellite is expected to significantly contribute to the establishment of a robust communication network, enhancing the country’s telecommunications infrastructure.

  • Hello, this is a very good development for the country of Pakistan and I hope they will achieve better success and projects. Thank you also for this beautiful content! allavsoft

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