YouTuber Gets in Trouble for Viral Watermelon Injection Video

The Faisalabad Traders Association has lodged a Rs. 10 billion lawsuit against a Pakistani YouTuber for allegedly causing them heavy financial losses. His viral video exposes how traders are allegedly injecting watermelons with dye.

The Association has formally lodged a complaint at the Ghulam Muhammad Police Station against the YouTuber.

The YouTuber’s post went viral and caused panic in public forums.

The traders said in their petition that his remarks triggered chaos and significantly affected their sales. They estimate billions of rupees in losses due to plummeting watermelon sales after the YouTuber’s video went viral.

The traders have demanded Rs. 10 billion in compensation from the YouTuber, holding him responsible for the distress caused by his exposé.


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  • Dr. Affan is a great information distributer and bringing awareness amonst the public against the odds.
    Its the business community who are mosrtly fraudsters and cheaters. lab tests should be carried out for all the fruits going under artificail processes. if found with adulteration, then rs 10 billion should be imposed on them and paid to me :)

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