Islamabad Records Highest Green Area Fires in a Day

In a concerning news, Islamabad recorded the highest number of green area fires in a single day on Tuesday. According to details, a total of 24 incidents were reported across the federal capital.

The fire department has sent a detailed report to the Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA). As per the report, 86 percent of the incidents reported yesterday were related to fires in green areas.

Out of the 29 calls received by the Emergency and Disaster Department regarding fire incidents, 24 were specifically related to fires on the Greenbelt.

Two incidents of house fires and one incident of electric fire were reported to the Emergency and Disaster Management (E&DM) Department. These incidents occurred in various locations, including the I-10/4 greenbelt, E-10 greenbelt, and the greenbelt near Faisal Masjid.

Furthermore, fires were extinguished in green areas located at F-8/3, G-10, G-11, G-7/1, F9 Park, and Jhangi Sayedan, as per the report.

The report has identified human negligence as the main cause of fires. It further mentioned that citizens are responsible for incidents by discarding burning cigarettes or matchsticks onto the green belt.

Moreover, glass bottles left on the greenbelts can also spontaneously ignite, the reports stated.

It should be noted that Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi had taken notice of these incidents and ordered an inquiry, requesting a detailed report on the matter.

Published by
Arsalan Khattak